Bartelt Pouching Package Options

An expansive range of Southern package options are available to meet unique product requirements for numerous applications. The PowerPouch™ Packagers are designed with versatility in mind to fill pouches of all sizes and shapes. These sealed pouch styles vary in sizes, and weigh up to one pound, but all regardless of style, feature maximum seal security, safe durable pouch material, and more.

Browse through the following videos to see the different pouch styles inaction, including the:

  • 3-sided seal pouches
  • 4-sided seal pouches
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Die cut pouches
  • Gusset pouches

Find out more about each package option by clicking on the links provided. Watch these application videos and call Southern today with any inquiries.

A three-sided seal pouch includes a seal on the top and two sides prior to being cut and discharged. This pouch is often used for packaging drink mixes, cocoa, dry soup mixes and seasonings.

Four-sided sealed pouches involvs sealing film web on both sides, top, and bottom prior to being cut and discharged. This look is often preferred as it adds a crisp appearance when the two layers of film are sealed on all 4 sides, utilizing even sealing technology throughout the entire process. Products such as small medical devices, various powders, mixes and spices also use this sachet style.

Southern's PowerPouch machines have capabilities to seal pouches in a number of different ways including stand-up pouches in a variety of sizes.

Southern's Zipper Pouch incorporates a zipper closure in the forming, filling and sealing process, which allows pouches to be resealed after the original top seal is removed.

The PowerPouch™ Packager is capable of forming pouches in a variety of different ways, including Gusset Pouches.