3 Side Pouch Sealing Equipment

The 3-sided seal pouch from Southern is a package option designed to seal three sides of the pouch to create an opening. These systems are innovative and seamless to create higher throughput, while preserving the integrity of the product. Each of these 3-sided seal pouches create a durable and dependable pouch for filling products, like protein powder, as seen in the video.

Southern offers two 3-sided seal pouch packagers to meet the unique demands of various markets. Choose from the:

  • Intermittent Motion Funnel Horizontal Form Fill Seal 3-Sided Seal Pouch Packager
  • Intermittent Motion Horizontal Form Fill Seal 3-Sided Seal Pouch Packager

To learn more about the 3-sided seal pouch packagers, contact Southern today.

Southern's Intermittent Motion Funnel (IMF) packagers replace traditional vacuum openers with a funnel conveyor that indexes with the pouch conveyor. In this video, we showcase a three-sided seal pouch.

The three-side sealed pouch adheres film web on the top and two sides prior to being cut and discharged. This video showcases protein powder being filled in a three-sided seal pouch.