Browse through our library of videos showcasing our horizontal form fill and seal pouch packaging solutions.

Our Intermittent Motion and Intermittent Motion Funnel Packagers are versatile Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal Pouch Packaging machines exclusively designed and manufactured by Southern.

System Spotlights give you an in-depth look at some of Southern's pouch packaging solutions and applications.

Our PowerPouch® machines have capabilities to seal pouches in a variety of different ways including various pouch sizes and styles. The standard PowerPouch design comes equipped with multiple different pouch styles, including but not limited to three-sided seal, four-sided seal, bottom gusset, stand-up, zipper, die cut, hole punch pouches and more.

The PowerPouch® packager can be outfitted with a broad range of filling systems to accommodate a variety of different filler types mounted on a single machine, including but not limited to augers, volumetric cups, duckbills, vibratory rotary cutoffs, slide gates, towelettes, liquid pumps, combination weigh scales, and more.