Bartelt Pouch Packaging System Solutions

System Spotlights showcase Southern HFFS machinery, displaying how each system works, how easy it is to operate, and how efficiently it can form, fill and seal a variety of pouch styles and wide range of applications used across a multiplicity of industries. The System Spotlight series shows Southern machines in action, transforming the packaging process to yield quick, seamless results.

Features on these systems include:

  • High speed
  • Ease of operation
  • Precise motion control
  • Quick changeover
  • Versatility in product pouch size and shape

Learn more about each horizontal form fill seal system from Southern by browsing these videos and contact us for more information.

In this video, we showcase some of Southern's versatile Horizontal Form-Fill-Seal pouch machines equipped with a three-axis servo system for precise motion control and ease of operation.