PowerPouch™ Additional Options

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Southern offers a variety of additional options compatible with most base PowerPouch™ machines and similar horizontal form fill seal pouch packaging equipment, including but not limited to, Adjustable Plow, Chain Guide Assembly, Servo Driven Feed Roll, Funnel Conveyors, Powered Web Unwind, Servo Driven Indexer, Single Post Plow Assembly, Stand-Up Pouch, Web Edge Aligner, Product Settler, and Zipper options.

  • Chain Guide Assembly

    This option replaces the traditional pouch conveyor chain guides on Southern's PowerPouch™ and most similar HFFS machines. This consists of an aluminum base with brass insert wear guides that are easily removed when replacing worn chain guides.

  • Funnel Conveyors

    The high-speed Funnel Conveyor option increases speed up to 50 percent on IM-7 series machines as it replaces traditional vacuum openers with a funnel conveyor that indexes with the pouch conveyor.

  • Portable Roll Lift System

    The Portable Roll Lift System can be used with any PowerPouch™ Packager to assist with the process of loading heavy new rolls of film on the machine's arbor shaft.

  • Powered Web Unwind

    This provides a means to automatically pull film from the unwind stand. This system prevents stretch when running wide or large diameter film rolls or in high-speed applications.

  • Product Settler

    Product Settlers help to settle product within pouches, such that residual product doesn't hinder the top seal process.

  • Servo Driven Feed Roll

    This option replaces the traditional line shaft-driven feed roll assembly allowing pouch width changes to be recipe driven or selected from the machine touchscreen.

  • Servo Driven Indexer

    This option replaces the traditional Ferguson drive assembly to increase previsions and greatly reduce changeover times. This system allows for faster bag clamp chain changeovers and increased control over dwell and index cycles.

  • Single Post Plow Assembly

    This option adapts to an existing Southern PowerPouch™ and most similar HFFS machines eliminating the time-consuming re-leveling process when plow-height adjustments are made.

  • Stand-Up Pouch

    This coption is available to increase pouch aesthetic while giving it self-standing capabilities. It includes modifications to the plow nose to form the film into a gusset and has specially designed heating bars to ensure a stable package. This pouch style increases fill capacity on a machine without changing pitch.

  • Web Edge Aligner

    The Web Edge Aligner provides a means of automatically aligning film prior to the plow to ensure an accurately aligned top seal. The motor-driven Web Edge Aligner positions the entire unwind stand as required to align the web in response to web tracking photoeyes.

  • Zipper

    This option adapts to an existing Southern PowerPouch™ and most similar HFFS machines and can be installed on new equipment giving the option to produce pouches with a resealable opening.