Intermittent Motion Horizontal Form Fill Seal Pouch Packager

The horizontal form fill seal pouch machines are designed with a three-axis servo system to ensure ease of use and maintenance. This system is innovative with maximum safety features. To learn more about the intermittent motion horizontal form fill seal pouch packager, contact Southern Packaging today.

Welcome to System Spotlight, giving you an in-depth look at some of Southern's pouch packaging solutions and applications. In this video, we will showcase Southern's versatile horizontal form-fill-seal pouch machine, equipped with a three-axis servo system for precise motion control and ease of operation. This highly flexible machine forms pouches from roll stock using intermittent motion. It accepts a roll of film and forms the film into a three-sided, four-sided, or gusseted pouch, which can include a hole punch, tear notch, or zipper closure.

Pouches accept products from a number of different filling options. These filling options, combined with a variety of pouch packaging options, make Southern the ideal solution for customers who require single or multiple product components filled with portioning accuracy and then sealed to ensure product integrity. Once filled, the top of the pouch is sealed closed. Finished pouches are picked off the machine and placed onto the customer's conveyor.

Southern's pouch packaging equipment offers speed, versatility, and precision in horizontal form-fill-seal solutions. For more information on Southern capabilities and solutions, visit our website at