PowerPouch Filler Package Options

The fillers from Southern provide simplicity and consistency portioning products when your line requires high speed filling, precision, versatility, and safety features to ensure accuracy in each dose. Compatible with existing Southern PowerPouch™ Packagers, most similar HFFS systems and new PowerPouch™ machines, these filler options automate your pouch packaging process. Creating quick, seamless solutions, our filler options allow manufacturers to meet product demands with ease, as they are easily integrated into your packaging process.

Browse through Southerns’ filler options and find versatile filling solutions, including:

  • Towelettes
  • Volumetric cups
  • Augers
  • Vibratory rotary cutoffs
  • Duckbills
  • Liquid pumps

Contact Southern today to learn more about the filler options and how they can be integrated into your production line.

PowerPouch® Packagers can be equipped with a variety of filling options including augers.

Southern's Volumetric cup filling is ideal for products with consistent density and uniform shapes such as nuts, corn, seeds, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, and similar products.

Southern's Towelette Folder/Feeder (TFF) pleats, folds, and inserts towelette web material into pouches prior to top sealing.

VRC fillers provide automatic product loading using a series of vibratory conveyors and a rotary cup dispenser. This filler option is capable of achieving very low fill weights not achievable with most other fillers.

Southern's Duckbill inserting devices fills pouches with products that tend to bridge or get hung on the pouch opening.

Southern's PowerPouch® Packagers can be equipped with a variety of filling options including liquid pumps. This filling option is ideal for filling pouches with small liquid portions such as creams, lotions, foods and gels.