Towlette Folding & Feeding Pouch Solutions

Southern's Towelette Folder/Feeder (TFF) uses towelette web material which can be pleated, folded, and inserted into the pouch prior to top sealing. Typically, a Liquid Pump filler is combined with a TFF to add a dose of liquid to the pouches. This operating principle can also be used to form and fold nylon, polyester, or polyethylene bags as well as coupons, recipes, and similar single-sheet promotional materials and insert them into pouches.

The towelettes filling option from Southern features:

  • Reliability in each application
  • Secure seals for packaging products safely
  • Efficiency for improved productivity

Learn more about the towelettes filler option on the PowerPouch horizontal form fill seal system by contacting Southern today.

PowerPouch® packagers can be equipped with a variety of filling options including Southern's Towelette Folder/Feeder (TFF).