Gusset Pouches Sealing Solutions

Southern offers diverse pouch options to meet the growing demands of a wide range of markets. The gusset pouches are designed for customers looking for pouches that are stable and durable. Adding a bottom gusset allows pouches to hold more product without changing the height or width. Most gusseted pouches are capable of standing for better presentation on store shelves.

The gusset pouches have aesthetic appeal and durability for a wide range of industry uses. Industries that Southern serves include:

  • Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Household Products
  • Confectionery
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care
  • Food & Beverage

Find out how the gusseted pouches can be used for your unique applications, like the mashed potatoes showcased in this video, by contacting Southern today.

The PowerPouch™ Packager is capable of forming pouches in a variety of different ways, including Gusset Pouches. This video showcases a gusset pouch being formed, filled with mashed potatoes, then sealed for product integrity.