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HFFS Pouch Packaging Solutions for Test Kits, Medication, Supplements, & Other Pharma and Medical Applications

Overcome the challenges of COVID-19 with the PowerPouch™, eliminating high priced use of pre-made pouches and handloading. Inclusive of medical kitting, hot packs, prescription medication pouches, vitamins, supplements, devices, injectables, towelettes, particulates, and more, Southern’s HFFS equipment simplifies pouch packaging for pharmaceutical and medical industries. Southern’s horizontal form-fill-seal pouch packaging solutions ensure product quality while maintaining compliance regulations and optimizing for high throughput. The PowerPouch™ machine is compatible with a variety of filler options and can be customized to your application.

Generic COVID19 Test Kit

Medical Kitting

Pharmceutical Medical Hot Packs In Pouch 500x375

Hot Packs

Pharmceutical Medical IV Bag 500x375

IV Bags

Pharmceutical Medical Pill Pouch 500x375

Medicine & Vitamins