Household Products

HFFS Pouch Packaging Solutions for Detergents, Household Products & Cleaning Supplies

With a variety of packaging options, filling options and conversion kits, Southern offers horizontal form fill and seal pouch packaging equipment for household products including cleaning supplies, detergent, wipes and towelettes, and any application where single or multiple product components are filled into pouches with portioning accuracy. For over 55 years, we've created high-performing pouch machines and integrated systems to increase productivity with less downtime.

Standup pouches, along with other pouch packaging options such as gusset, 3-side seal, 4-side seal or zipper pouches, provide many benefits for home and personal care products that rigid packaging cannot. Our PowerPouch machine uses roll stock, which eliminates the added cost of using pre-made pouches. Whether you're packaging powders, liquids, tablets or towelettes, Southern has the pouch packaging solutions you need.

Chemical Disinfecting Wipes 500x375

Disinfecting Wipes

Chemical Liquid Detergent 500x375

Liquid Detergent

Chemical Dishwasher Packs 500x375

Dishwasher Packs